Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Scribbling a Trike

In a class I took last fall, we had a week of working with a tricycle as a model.

Trikes are hard to draw!

I made a lot of scribbles on big newsprint, to get the feel for the thing, but then I decided I wanted to try capturing the shape of it by only drawing the highlight reflections on black paper with white chalk.

I had no idea if it would work.

What I like most about these is that each one took me about four minutes.  Really, scribbles.  Marks.  Simple.  No fussing.

Of course, I think these came out so well because I had scribbled several messy pencils sketches earlier in the week of the same subject.  So I had observed for a while, gotten to know how it worked.

Isn't it interesting to look at these and understand a little bit more about how our minds fill in what isn't there?

It helps me think about how to draw, and write, with more attention to that minimalism; how much do I need to create that's just enough, so my audience can fill in the rest?

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