Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Architecture: Lubbers Hall, Hope College, Holland, Michigan

The class I took sent us out to examine some architecture, take photos, and then draw--using whatever medium we wanted--from the photos.

I tend to draw from life mostly.  It has been excellent training for my eye.  And it gets at what I want to do, which is keep sketchbooks, capturing life around me.  I am a believer in the urban sketching guidelines.

But it was kind of fun to do a series of drawings from photos.   This is the first.

Photos don't move.  The light doesn't change.  You can count and measure.

I enjoyed doing this facade of a local building, in ink.

This is on Strathmore drawing paper, 18 x 24.  You can see a bit of the buckle from the light gray wash.

I'm quite pleased with the minimal approach I took to depicting the brick.  And I think that the window reads well, with the shadowing.  I could never have pulled this off without a photo reference.

More to come...

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