Thursday, January 12, 2017

Painting a Trike

I had such a good time scribbling the tricycle with white chalk on black paper that I wanted to try a watercolor of the same subject, but using a stark, almost black and white background, and painting the trike in partially positive and partially negative space.

Plus, in the studio where I was working, there was this lone Christmas ornament floating around.  Which got me thinking about how trikes can show up as awesome Christmas presents (I remember riding one in great circles in the basement during the winter when I was growing up).

This is on Strathmore 400 watercolor paper, with Daniel Smith paints.

During the process of painting,  I thought a lot about Christmas, about past toys, and past joys, and how bleak I'm feeling lately about the future.

I am glad I was also painting.  It made me feel a lot less bleak.  It immersed me in the process and in the moment, and now--as ever--that's all we ever really have.  This moment.  Even though we like to bank on a future that looks a certain way, we really have no assurance of anything except the now.

And scribbling is a great way to spend it. I'm sure of that!

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